Host Your Own Tv Show

Do you already have a network? Some people who like your posts and what you say? Do they read your emails and your blogs... or reshare your memes? It could be time to give them a bit more of your topic! 

Our team can get you LIVE, or pre-recorded LIVE, and create an online TV show presence for you to market and share within your group. If you have a paid membership for educational content, we can provide the recordings to get your members GREAT content. We can create a website and channel for you... We can do it all. 

Except you.

We Can't Broadcast YOUR TV SHOW without YOU. 

We aren't trying to host a FACETS tv show... we aren't trying to speak our minds. We are trying to give you the platform to speak your mission and give your members or network great videos and education and workshops and talks... Without causing you all of the hassle in getting a TV Show produced for yourself. 

We do the tech while you bring the goods. You DO YOU. You need to bring your A game to your presentation and showcase what makes you and your product or business SHINE. We will do all the rest. 






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