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Designing Your Visual Brand Identity Dream Board

“Create a vision for the life you really want and then work relentlessly towards making it a reality.” – Roy T. Bennett

The act of creating a visual dream board, a vision of what you desire is the first step to seeing your brand goals consciously and subconsciously. This board is a tool to help you realize your ideal business identity.

We encourage our clients to create a visual dream board of what you want your business to be from colors, fonts, images to words and beyond. Your focus is what you create.

For a digital dream board, use a blank presentation slide to begin to drag and drop all you want your brand to be or create a Pinterest board and begin saving what you discover, saving what speaks to you.

From this exercise, Facets of Hospitality will work with you to develop your 360º method of branding.

Using a visual dream board is an extraordinary technique for visualization practices and setting intentions. A dream board will assist you in achieving your goals, and consciously create the consistent business branding success you seek.

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