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Branding Your Way

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

You began a business that was different because you knew you had something special to offer. Your brand needs to reflect that. Each branding client that we have receives different plans and strategies, content and ideas because each brand is different. Even if you and your sister each own a shoe store, they are not the same store.

Branding your way means that your brand reflects who your company is and what they stand for in the business world. Do you value customer service? Do you value honest communication with your customers? Do you enjoy feedback and input from buyers? Do you remain behind the scenes and allow the product to take center stage? Do you take center stage to sell your services and therefore your brand is YOU?

There is not one-size-fits-all approach to marketing and any "professional" who tells you that they have a system that will work for you-- isn't planning to work for you. The basics don't change:

Be consistent.

Be Catchy.

Be Real.

There are nuances to each brand, whether it be colors or phrases or designs or tastes, that are specific to each brand. It is difficult for a system to get that. There are great tools and routines and templates... but YOUR BRAND IS DIFFERENT. Therefore , be prepared to put in some time or pay someone to put in time, on creating a marketing platform for yourself to get your message across. Whether your message is shoes or advice-- your brand needs a different presence than it's competitor. It needs YOU.

Happy Sunday,

FoH Team

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