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Broadcasting Your Way

Have you dreamed of hosting your own talk show or broadcasting your workshops around the world? Now you can! The Facets of Hospitality team is proud to announce that they are able to facilitate broadcasting YOUR VERY OWN TV SHOW! Or maybe you just want to reach your clients virtually during pandemic shutdown. We can help!

How It Works!

  1. Have a topic to talk about

  2. Click the link we send you

  3. Talk

  4. Eat a piece of cake while we process your recording

  5. Share your TV episode

(Now, number 5 is where things can get interesting. When we deliver your recorded segment, you have the option to upload it to Youtube, Facebook, IGtv (Depending on how long you chatter on...) OR you can develop your very own TV page.

On a website of your very own, you can design a TV page that houses all of your episodes in categories and topics easily browsable by your audience. You can share your website domain (which helps with your branding) and bring people back to your own website to watch your channel. This allows you to capture their information to let them know when you drop a new episode or offer a CTA (Call-To-Action) that will drive sales for your business.

Utilizing your skills, technology, and the tools available today can be a difficult process, and while everyone can "jump on Zoom" today... not everyone can broadcast. Plus, sometimes it's hard to talk to a computer without knowing technology and not being able to see your audience. We help with the "LIVE" look without actually being LIVE so that you feel more at ease, you know we are there watching, and you know your tech team (Us!) are right there with you every step of the way.

YOU GOT THIS! We can help...

Have a look at some of our recent episodes from helping our favorite Spa Organization broadcast their educational TV platform... Visit

If you're interested in scheduling your broadcast appointment with the Facets of Hospitality team, reach out.

We'd love to hear from you.

Some great things about working with us:

  • We are your behind the scenes backup-- never out front trying to steal your spotlight

  • We are your tech support so you can show up and talk

  • We are experienced with 25+ years in the industry

  • We are affordable so that you can use our services to GROW

  • We are able to help you along with the whole process...

Once you record and are ready to promote your episodes or new TV channel, let us know if we can help. Our team can build your website or optimize your YouTube channel in order to bring you the most traffic.

Let's chat!

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