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Can I use Fiverr to market my Esthetic Business?

What is FIVERR?

*this article or it's author is not affiliated with Fiverr anymore than any other freelancer with a profile on the platform. All opinions expressed here are solely for entertainment purposes and are written from an American perspective. You're encouraged to do your own research before hiring ANYONE.

Fiverr is an online platform that connects freelancers and clients who are seeking various digital services. It was founded in 2010 and has since become one of the most popular freelancing marketplaces on the internet. When I started out, in 2012, I had a profile on Fiverr, Upwork (I think?) and another style profile that I have since forgotten the name of and they've merged and don't have that name anymore. I had a profile on all of the freelancer sites because I was hungry for work and each site offers only a variety of features before you have to pay. Some freelancers don't have extra funds available in the business early on- so this was an option to diversify my lead generation for new clients.

Fiverr was known in the industry as "the cheap place for cheap work" but... let's be honest, it was and is real people with real talents really trying to make $5 for food or gas. And now, it's not just $5... it used to be. There used to be some STRANGELY difficult tasks available for only five US dollars. That has since changed and the world is a bit more fair and competitive... now it's a lead generator site where freelancers can offer levels of services known as gigs for a price they set. It's common to have a $5, $20, $100 set of gigs or something similar in pricing, but it's open to real wages now.

Fiverr's primary goal is to provide a platform where individuals or businesses can easily find and hire freelancers to complete a wide range of tasks and projects.

Here are some key features and aspects of Fiverr:

  1. Diverse Services: Fiverr offers a vast array of services in categories such as graphics and design, writing and translation, digital marketing, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, and many more. Essentially, you can find freelancers to help with almost any digital or creative task.

  2. Gig-Based Structure: Freelancers on Fiverr create what are known as "gigs." A gig is a specific service or task that a freelancer offers to clients. Each gig typically has a detailed description of what the service includes, the price, delivery time, and any additional options or packages the client can choose from.

  3. Pricing: Fiverr is known for its competitive pricing structure. Basic services often start at $5 (hence the platform's name), but many freelancers offer higher-priced packages with more features or faster delivery times. The cost of a service can vary widely depending on the complexity and expertise required.

  4. Reviews and Ratings: Clients can leave reviews and ratings for freelancers after completing a project. This feedback system helps both clients and freelancers build trust and make informed decisions when choosing who to work with.

  5. Communication: Fiverr provides communication tools that allow clients and freelancers to discuss project details, share files, and collaborate throughout the project's duration.

  6. Payment Protection: Fiverr holds client payments in escrow until the project is completed and approved. This system helps ensure that both parties are protected in case of disputes.

  7. Custom Orders: If you can't find a pre-existing gig that suits your needs, you can also contact freelancers for custom orders, explaining your specific requirements and negotiating terms.

  8. Seller Levels: Freelancers on Fiverr can achieve different seller levels (e.g., New Seller, Level One, Level Two, and Top Rated Seller) based on their performance and the number of completed orders. Higher-level sellers often have more credibility and visibility on the platform.

Can I use Fiverr to market my Esthetic Business though?

Fiverr has become a go-to platform for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to outsource various tasks and projects, making it easier for them to find skilled professionals across the globe. It was used by anyone, and marketing teams started to use it for larger businesses and now everyone knows what Fiverr is, but you're hard-pressed to not find judgement if you mention it in a professional setting. Many businesses scowl at it as if it's an insult to mention, "What did you get that on Fiverr" and I just have to laugh...

I am on Fiverr. I've shut down an old profile with a business partner that we sold our name and aren't working together anymore on these projects, so I've recently created a new platform to help train my new recruits to the FACET METHOD. If I'm going to teach it, I'm going to do it. I've done it for 11 years now behind the scenes for reasons mentioned above. Being on Fiverr as a lead generation tool is a smart business move. Being on any platform and advertising your business where clients are searching for your services is a key element to marketing. But when you listen to the opinions of others, you end of formulating mechanisms, responses and systems that don't actually work for you but they worked to protect you in that moment.

Break free of this mindset that you care what other talented people think about what your talent is and promote your talent where you need to in order to get business going how you want it to.

I once was working on a highly popular project in a very competitive industry. Lots of money and power in this industry and I, through a freelance site listing, made a connection that landed me as assistant director of that company making huge things happen for huge amounts of people that had huge amounts of dollars. I, meanwhile, was hired from a "Freelance site" so I wasn't being paid (minus a $500/month retainer for expenses or my "extra" time.) I was given a guarantee of ownership and promises but everyone else was passing dollars back and forth and all I was doing was honestly working very hard with a promise I would get a good check from the profits I was bringing in at the end of the fiscal year.

During one of the annual meetings, we happened to be seated with some high-level CEO's and the owner of the company I worked with (who said I was a co-owner, 50% Owner and other gaslighting terms to make me feel valued and work harder than I already was) and this conversation took place.

High-up, respectable CEO: "So how did you two meet to work together?"

OwnerBiotch said, without skipping a beat, "Oh! I met her and our web guy on a freelance site. You can find so much cheap work on there. He's from india and she's a single mom from nowhere," with some menacing cackles as if this joke was funny.

We were all shocked and I was horrendously embarrassed as this was the first time I had not been introduced as co-owner or co-director or whatever term she wanted to make up.

There was such a bias around freelance sites that her comment trickled around and my great work that was being praised, copied, coveted, stolen, and was selling well... had somehow been diminished and I no longer was there making connections, I was a grunt doing someones bidding. It changed the whole air in the room.

I eventually won my clean reputation back by being consistent, staying on freelance sites, meeting new clients and growing again. I have since come to work with some of those people that she tarnished my reputation with and it recently came up in a Think Tank with an Esthetician who wants to go out on her own, "Should I use Fiverr for a logo?"

What do you think I said?

"Ugh, so much cheap work on there, you can't trust it. Here's our $$$$ package that is legitimately what you need."

Or did I say, "Honestly Sally, Fiverr is a great place to find great people if you know what you're looking for. But just like using ChatGPT to write your blogs, it's all about how you prompt it. The freelancers on fiverr are running a business also. f you have someone come and buy nothing or the cheap kids keychains your boss puts out, are you then going to offer them a complimentary 90 min massage service and $100's of dollars worth of your time? If they are receiving $10 for a whole brand kit, they won't be receptive to your design needs, unique needs, edit requests, color patterns or deliverable files/source files. You'll get what you get and hope to get an edit, so if that's your budget, be sure to request exactly what you want. It's not a crappy site, it's a hard to use site for people who don't know what they want and don't have a large budget. If you find it too hard to use, our team customizes these pieces for you based on a conversation with you but it does cost more. Let us know when we can jump in to help."

Then I gave her my link to my ANALYZE YOUR WEB PRESENCE FOR CONVERSION GROWTH gig to see that real people are really on there and suggested she search for freelancers with an exact ability to do what she wants and make sure to message them first with your ideas.

You might make a pushy sale by intimidating people into thinking something false, but the truth is that deep down you know what's right. If you know you can't provide a full brand kit to a client who has about $25 left until next paycheck, then offer some suggestions, thank them for calling your lead line and keep the connection by asking to follow them on socials so you can cheer them on and let them go to a budget-friendly site to get started. Chances are good, from personal experience, that you will win them back for a future project because of your honesty and compassion.

If this article triggered you, you're probably a graphic designer who loves Photoshop or you're a WordPress Web Developer. Seems to be that those skillsets don't like to validate the legitimacy of anything not done in Photoshit or WineyPages and therefore, either way, I highly doubt that you'll like my article about "Can I use Canva to Market my Esthetic Business" so maybe skip that also.

In summary, if you're asking the question "Can I use Fiverr to market my Esthetic Business?" then the answer is YES. Research your gig provider, research what you want and how others have done that piece. Get your thoughts together. Interview a few freelancers and select a gig. There is nothing saying you CAN'T do that. There are plenty of reasons why doing it other ways is better, but when you have $10 available and want to grow... do what you do!

We are still here for you cheering you on as Your Marketing Team at Facets of Hospitality. After 11 years in business as a collaboration of freelancers who came together to break the stigma of outsourcing, we have since helped thousands of people reach millions of leads.

Abundant Estheticians align with Your Marketing Team at Facets of Hospitality for growth

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