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Do you need that custom web address?

Domains. Let's discuss why you need a custom one or two. There are many reasons... and most people hate discussing the inner workings of a website so they buy something that a program suggested years ago and stuck with it.

A domain is your NAME on the internet, basically. It's where people find you.

Think of owning a 5-star hotel and your city changed your street address to:

123 The Dump Avenue

Our City, State Zip

That would STINK for your business. You'd want that address changed.

So don't buy some domain that a cheap domain registrar suggested when yours wasn't available and get stuck with random numbers and symbols. You'll be trying to promote your 5-Star Retreat on Dump Street. You need a clean, clear, branded domain that matches you and what you do!

Here are 4 main reasons why you need 1 or more custom domains.

  1. Branding. If you are in business, you are branding something and want it recognized. Your domain address will be on all print materials, typed by many... Make it count.

  2. Spelling Errors and Ease... If your name is commonly misspelled, maybe buy the misspellings and direct it to your main CORRECT domain.

  3. Your Name. Oftentimes, an artist or creative will purchase a business name and brand it but not their actual name. Then years down the road someone owns their name as a website ( and they cannot get it to brand their own art that people know them by. Buy your name if you're an artist. If you don't when you get popular, someone else will make money off of it.

  4. SEO - Search engines use the domain as a search piece, so if it contains a good keyword for your industry then it will help boost your site to your target audience.
Custom Domains for Your Business

When you are ready to get your domains, please consider using our services for registering & hosting your website. Our domains are $11.11 per year and we offer strong hosting plans and email addresses as needed. Shop our digital tools here:

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