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REAL Reels | A Strategic Blueprint for Estheticians to Grow on Social Media

Your Marketing Team at Facets of Hospitality is your Real Reels help when you want to reach more clients

My Two Cents: Reels with Jennifer Marie, Creative Director at Facets of Hospitality

A marketing manager for major beauty brands discusses the importance of REELS and being REAL in them... and if you really need them or not.


Esthetician Social Media

TL:DR Two Cents

What is "Reel Content" - vertical videos done via a phone or tablet and look good but not "made" and appear more "real."

What works great:

-Short clips & different angles


-The sounds of products & devices

-Selfie camera and just talk...

-Complete a SPA task, while telling a story that's unrelated but engaging.


What are REAL Reels, really?

What are REAL Reels?

Esthetician social media is usually full of two things. "I have an opening" opests and "Watch Me Wax this Client" videos. These videos are reels.

Two things.

I'm going to tell you (this blog), and I'm going to show you. (With a video at the end and some links to showcase an introvert's way of marketing via reels, and being REAL without compromising my nerves and dancing on camera with trends! It can be done! (Follow us on TikTok for more from The Introverted Influencer from Your Marketing Team. )

They’re a video reel of you, your staff, and your spa or salon.

You can share them on social media and other online platforms to help promote yourself and build relationships with potential customers. Here’s everything you need to know about creating your very own REAL Reel!

First, what’s a REAL Reel?

A REAL Reel is a short video that shows you being authentic on social media. It's a new way to connect with your audience, and it's great because everyone loves watching videos of people being themselves.

So how do you make one? First, take a moment to think about something that makes you happy — whether it’s your cat or cupcakes or just the fact that it’s Monday and this week won’t last forever! Then, record yourself talking about that thing for 15–20 seconds. Next, upload the video onto social media (or email it to us if you don't have time) and let us know which platform(s) we should share it on! We'll ensure everyone sees this personable side of YOUR business: its personality!

What makes a REAL Reel different?

REAL Reels are a bit different from traditional marketing clips. They are real people, not actors. They aren’t scripted and they aren’t edited. A REAL Reel is raw, authentic and authentic: it shows a person in real-time doing what they do everyday on social media—whether that's playing a game or talking about the weather—but it's done in an authentic way that makes them feel like friends rather than hollow corporate spokespeople.

A REAL Reel can be created for any purpose: to illustrate an idea or product feature, promote an event or product launch, introduce yourself as the voice of your brand (or as someone who represents it), etc..

Unique opportunity to promote your spa or salon

Up until now, you’ve probably been using your social media accounts to promote yourself and your business. But there are so many more ways to use this new tool! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Special event promotion - Maybe it's a spa or salon opening, or a special day at work. You can use Real Reels to tell everyone about it.

  • Product/service promotions - Do you have new products or services? Or maybe someone has been promoted at work? You can use Real Reels to let everyone know about these things too!

  • Location-specific promotion - Is there something new in one of the rooms of your spa or salon? Maybe it's an entirely new location that opens up soon? Use Real Reels to get people excited about what's happening near them!

  • New employee/client spotlight - If someone joins your team as an employee or client (or leaves), don't forget about them! Use Real Reels for some positive feedback on how their experience has been so far—and show off their best side with some good old-fashioned photo editing skills. Watch THIS CHANNEL for more tutorials.

  • Showcase your products in interesting reels with voiceovers abotu why you love them.

Watch this!

Have you ever seen a REAL Reel? If not, you’re missing out on some of the most engaging content on social media. You can create your own REAL Reels! Some businesses call this "UGC" or "User Generated Content," and there are many marketing tricks to get YOUR customers to create wonderful REAL content for you... but what I'm talking about here is your brand getting REAL and making some reels that will help generate engagement.

How do you get started creating your own REAL Reels?

  • Get yourself a video camera and record yourself answering the following questions:

  • What is your name? ("Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm a national brand manager"

  • What do you do? (If it's not obvious, explain.) "I teach businesses how to manage their web presence in relation to their brand."

  • Why should I trust you? (Or why should I follow your advice?)"Millions of consumers love my content daily across our brands via our ghostwriting style of generating REAL content... so listen up, I have a tip for you..."

  • How can I contact you if I need more information or want to work with you? "Follow me for more tips for marketing your small business or working with a marketing team."

  • Choose three clips from your reel that best exemplify what your brand offers clients/customers. You might want to include some funny clips for humor’s sake and some inspirational clips for motivation’s sake—just make sure they all fit within the vibe of being authentic, creative, consistent and patient! (Some video editing skills come in handy here, but not required. Also, hire Your Marketing Team to take it once you have created REAL raw content.)

Need help with your new REAL Reels?

If you're not quite sure how to get your hands on a real reel, or if you're just looking for some outside inspiration, have no fear: we've got you covered.

Here are five stellar examples of how REAL Reels can help your business grow:

  • Showcase the top talent in your field.

  • Promote new services and products.

  • Bring happy clients into the limelight! A well-made REAL Reel can show off more than just the exterior of your shop or salon; it can also highlight your staff's professionalism, expertise, and dedication—and that’s something everyone loves to see!

Real reels are an awesome new way for you to connect with your audience on social media.

Real reels are an awesome new way for you to connect with your audience on social media. They're a fun, creative way to share your personality and expertise with the world, show off how amazing you are, and get more clients into your business.

Your marketing team can help generate real reels for you! We'll help craft a unique message that will resonate with potential customers. Then we'll get to work making it happen. You'll be able to share these videos on social media and other digital platforms—and the best part is that they're quick and easy!

Are you ready to get REAL with your Reels?

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your own REAL Reel today!

Are you a Facet? Be sure to tag us @FacetsofHospitality to get some extra love on your reels and advice if you want to DM us with questions.

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