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To Go Live or To Not Go Live...

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Not every business or business owner needs a broadcast, or a LIVE opportunity to engage customers. Maybe you make wooden cabinets and don't feel like talking to customers... Maybe you specialize in lawncare and a Facebook LIVE podcast isn't your thing. If you're a business owner that I just scared by saying those terms, feel free to look around the rest of our site, this blog probably isn't for you!

If you've been thinking about GOING LIVE... Keep reading. We hear you!

Think about when you have a group of customers walk in all at once, how do you introduce your brand to them all at the same time?

Think about when you're at a trade show and you need to tell a few people about what you do quickly to gain their attention.

Think about when you've got two people interested in a sale item and you want to make sure not to lose either one...

Broadcasting offer many options to engage and grow your customer base by speaking directly to the consumer. You get to be YOU. Your customers get the REAL experience. They become SOLD on you if you share your passion with them. You started this business for a reason, talk about it might help promote it.

HOW though?

Host a broadcast/LIVE by simply... "Going Live" on Facebook if you wish. They make it simple. Go Live, Type Description...



For those who like to brand their videos, save them, check their hair first, have a little help bubble pop up to offer a tip... Using a software to do the LIVE portion is nice and beneficial for later promotions. For those people, we recommend using a software that allows you to easily add your branding to market your business, speak your passion and share it with your network. The two systems we use most often to host webinars or shows for our clients are Zoom and BeLive.

If you're a business owner who wants a DIY option for ongoing shows and don't need our help to facilitate, brand, or market-- We suggest you sign up for a Be Live account and get rolling. The have easy to use features that are similar to what you've done with your web presence already and you'll be able to quickly share your passion, goals, mission and needs with your network quickly!

Use our BeLive link and we get a little referral bonus... Kind of like a little thank you, that doesn't cost you anything! So, THANKS! Click here... Begin with BeLive

If you're ALMOST to the DIY stage, but you love having a marketing team behind you to host and facilitate and help you with the marketing and follow up of your broadcast, then reach out to us. We would love to help.

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