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Do you need a Selfie Stick?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Alright, so you have decided to start promoting yourself more and everywhere you look there are great ideas for pictures of you and your business. One problem... someone has to take these pictures, right?

Well, you can do it. Whether you create a selfie station in your welcome room or studio, or you invest in a selfie stick that attaches to different places for different views--- You NEED content.

Don't let the technology get you down. Are you using a phone? Many devices fit into the everyday selfie sticks. You can get upgraded ones that have remotes or buttons that connect to your phone so you can take the photos from higher or other angles. Get one that works for your needs.

Here is a great Gooseneck option that clips onto a table or desk and can be molded to the angle you need:

Or here is a selfie / tripod combo that will allow you versatility:

Note: These are Amazon affiliate links and if you click on our links and shop with Amazon we may get affiliate income from this experience.

Please feel free to search around and let us know what Selfie Stations worked for you. We will feature yours if you send us pictures!

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