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If you want to become an esthetician, read this.

How to Become an Esthetician... Two Cents from a Skin-Focused Cosmetology Marketing Director

As someone who loves skin, you've found yourself researching "How to Become an Esthetician" and found yourself here. (I'm good at SEO... what can I say!?) And I'm glad you're here because I did the same thing. I knew for years I wanted to be an esthetician, starting at nine years old, squeezing Vitamin C capsules from Signature Club A on my skin in hopes of getting rid of all my wrinkles!

Unfortunately, I had an offer to pay for me to go to school, and the only school around at the time was a chain cosmetology school without a great reputation and with a large cost. I agreed I would go, and the administrator assured me that although skincare was my only passion, this was a great license for me.

It was not.

It was an awful experience, and I had to seek skincare education elsewhere ever since. Working in marketing for thousands of estheticians later-- I realized that many of them had a similar experience in esthetic school, and my horror stories don't outweigh theirs.

So what I'm here to tell you is to make a choice.

  • Ask yourself some questions.

  • Create a dream career board.

  • Don't lose focus.

The end goal: Offer people esthetic services (insert- waxing, facials, injections, body sculpting, etc., if you have a focus in mind)

To get to the end goal, there are some hoops.

Before you jump through the wrong hoops...

Ask yourself:

(aside from Licensing and Regulations in your state...of course!)

  1. Do you want a good school experience?

  2. Do you want your license and to be educated after- knowing the investment?

  3. Can you suffer through hair and nails to get a cosmetology license or do you want to find an esthetic program?

  4. Can you travel?

  5. Do you have funding to back you up?

1. Not to say that there are not any good schools out there, but the overwhelming understanding is that the schools teach to the test so you can pass and get your license. Due to some other situation, they are usually strapped for inspiration and cash to offer much more. If you're looking for a "Woah! That was AWESOME!" experience, then you might need to spend more on your education. I suggest talking with a mentor such as Denise Fuller, LE, and owner of the National Aesthetic Spa Network - She was licensed in Florida and also trained internationally in Australia for a more in-depth and focused where she wanted to learn education. You might also be from the East Coast or Midwest and want to train more organically or naturopathically than is available in your town. Maybe you want to do massage and esthetics and have specific modalities you want to offer. Piecing these together will take time, money, and effort. Continue asking yourself #2.

2. If you want your license so you can work where your friend just opened up and they'll get your training in line, go to a local school near you and get those hours! Also, check into apprenticeship options. Either way, the sooner you start clocking hours, the faster you stop wasting time. If you already have your career path down, skip past these next few questions and read after #5 (if you want!)

3. If you don't have a lot of options around and you have some cosmetology programs in your area or within a reasonable drive... can you- who is focused on skincare, science, acne, and probably nutrition or wellness of sorts -- sit through class for 1500 hours or however long it takes in your state, learning about hair, cutting and pedicures and scissor techniques and nail placements and makeup days (well... those were fun.) Because if realistically you cannot afford mentally to put up with these things (which some people cannot. Bookwork is one thing, but having to do the on-person-services-for-free when you hate doing those services can be too much for some people.) If this is you-- get a job peripherally in the industry until you can afford your esthetic school of choice. If you can do anything, then get your cosmetology license ASAP! Learn anything you can and follow the skincare industry networks and shows to learn as much about skincare as you can. They'll help guide you to skincare once you're licensed to offer it.

--NOTE-- Check with your state, statutes, license requirements, and restrictions because my information may be outdated or for a state that isn't yours. This blog is to spark perspective and research your own journey.

4. Can you travel? This question is weird... if there's a school around the corner and you want to work at the spa near you... why would you need to travel? Well.. once you get your license, you'll want to know what devices and products you can use (if you're on your own or somewhere renting a space) so you'll need to travel to shows, conferences, trainings, and networking for growth connections. These are weekends or day trips, but if your schedule doesn't permit this right now, you might not be able to access the training you want in your area without a little bit of leg work and connecting online. Traveling is more fun, but emailing works also.

When you travel to conferences, such as the NASNPRO Spa Conferences that we sponsor, you get to accomplish many things for your business that shopping online and waiting for a box doesn't provide you. It can be done--- and with money, anything is possible. But if you have cash... travel to the education and bring back the memories. It will spark your passion for your career in a way you can't even imagine. For example, my esthetician is Mallori Duvall, LE in Canfield, Ohio. Her dream was to offer Permanent Makeup and after over a decade in the industry, she sought out the education and traveled to it! She invested in HERSELF as a business and grew. Now, she offers a training academy for anyone 18+ who wants to break into this industry and needs a career, income and some opportunity to start fresh. You can be a licensed esthetician wanting to offer a new service a cosmetologist, or a high school graduate who wants to do something exciting and this is up your alley. With this fundamentals training program Mallori has developed at Beauty Rituals Academy, you get hands-on education, business education, plus theory and fundamentals of PMU to package this as a business. The only thing left for you to do is comply with licensing in your area, but the training is FULLY EQUIPPED to get you rolling. These types of experiences you can bank on are worth traveling for.

So-- before you start, you know you'll get deep into this career and love it. Are trips for these purposes possible?

4a. If not, also ask yourself about the physical aspect of being an esthetician. Does your daily schedule allow you the time to hunch over someone and perform intimate services? I say it this way because we often glamorize this industry... and it is beautiful. But the reality of it, on some days, for some people, isn't so glamorous all the time. Do you have the schedule and mental energy for that? If not, and skincare is your passion? Look into peripheral careers within the industry or services you can offer as pop-up shops without a license or much schooling. Maybe you have a young family right now, and a full 8 hour day of facials might wear you out... if you don't have the support at home-- look into ways to start into the career without knocking yourself out right now. Building an online blog about wanting to go to school and doing your makeup while you dream about it could pay the bills for a year while the kids grow, and maybe you can go when they're in school. I don't know your scenerio, but if you're like me.... you get an idea, and you want it done NOW! NOW NOW! and when you hit a roadblock that it can't be done NOW quickly, you're determined to FORCE IT TO BE DONE NOW! At ALL COSTS! And sometimes... just sometimes, there is beauty in the pause.

I'll let that sit there.

5. Let's be honest: question 4 rolls right into question 5 and wraps up a lot of points within all of these questions. Are you funded for this business idea? It's not just makeup and Walmart skincare. Estheticians I work with daily, yes-- make $$$,$$$ per year, but their orders of skincare and retail are also $$,$$$ each month. They work HARD and spend hard and have real-world responsibilities to get there. If you are of any age group- not just high school looking for a career, but ANYONE- looking to get into the aesthetic world of business because "it's so profitable and looks so fun, I love makeup!" or "I love skincare" okay... but do you love booty poop? Do you love laundry? Do you love profit margins and excel sheets? Do you love marketing budgets and equipment disposables? Do you love no-shows and cancellations? Do you love 1-star bot reviews you can't get rid of? There's a lot to this business, and without funding and support (a network, a family, a friend, your Lord...), this is not something to dive into without gear. It's beautiful ... it's pretty. It's full of rich experiences. But it's a whole ocean out here in the esthetic world. Are you prepared?

So let's say you soard through those questions like you're bored with me.

Cool. That's super exciting, and we can't wait to watch your journey grow. If you need marketing help as you start, let us know.

Two things to remember when wanting to become an esthetician:

  1. Join NASNPRO as a member- They are the leader in esthetic education connections from articles, magazines, TV channel, and their popular esthetic education conferences around the USA, where speakers and attendees engage in lunch, business & shopping together to grow in business. It's your trade show partners but in a luncheon setting. A NASNPRO vibe, as I've never seen anywhere else in the industry. and membership is free, giving you all these benefits and early access to the events.

  2. Join our group, Things for Estheticians, and let us know where you're at on your journey to provide skincare and let us know how to follow along and hype you up. It's a FREE group for engaging others and learning about upcoming educational opportunities. SPAM-free and sponsored ads only. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Become an esthetician

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