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How To Take Photos & Videos for Business

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Part 1. When "selfie" first began, it was looked down upon in the professional industry because it was the "it" thing to hire a professional and get candids and headshots. Now, everything is done with a selfie stick or ring light and that leaves some business owners questioning, "Do I need that?"

Maybe you've been taking your own portraits for your website, blog, or social media and doing just fine without a light tripod... but if you're like most small business owners, your photo content could be better.

You want high quality content that shows who you are and what you do with professional class that matches your style. That is hard to do on a reversed selfie for a 20 minute Q&A Instagram Live... Can you hold your phone out that long without a break?

How can you grow your network and following and reach with video & photo content of yourself and your projects without breaking the bank? Get a Ring Light...

We have this LED Ring Light that we got on Amazon that we absolutely love. There are two sizes, but the larger one works in our office best. In fact, this light becomes a staple that we recommend to our clients who provide "Story" content and "Treatment Room" photos for us to use in their social media.

Having a stand-alone tripod that was meant to hold a phone and provide good lighting is KEY to a professional video or photo. This one tool makes DIY content so much easier. Our clients find that they can create their videos and video clips with confidence and then easily upload those files to send to us to use.

If you're looking for a ring light with LED options and a sturdy tripod, try this one from Amazon.

* We are affiliates of Amazon and by clicking on our links in this blog or others, we may receive a small kickback in commissions. We thank you for making our mission of professional social media for small businesses come to life by reading our blog and interacting with us! Have you followed our new Instagram page yet? We'd love to connect ...

Stay tuned for Part 2...

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