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We Take Your Photos & Videos 

and turn them into sharable stickers that can be used on social media stories & reels* 



Step 1. Fill Out Your Information

Step 2. Select Sticker Package 

Step 3. Upload Logo/Photo Files 

Step 4. Submit Payment 

Step 5. Get Searchable Stickers within 5-7 Business Days


*Giphy Account Required. Approval Not Guaranteed.

Refunds are Not Provided if your brand is not approved by GIPHY. 

Please Note: In order to be APPROVED (which means your stickers will be searchable via Giphy's API) you MUST have a custom domain and email address THAT MATCH

(each other & your business)

No Free Emails or Gmails Are Accepted 

for example: 

Domain: Email: (ACCEPTABLE)

Domain: Email: (NOT ACCEPTABLE)



1- Set Up | PRO Account creation & Create 5 Custom Stickers | Fee $250 

2- Single Sticker Creation | Fee $25 - 75

3- Set of 4 Stickers | Fee $100 

Select the package you'd like & fill out the form. Our design team will respond with invoice & questions regarding logo/photo files as needed. 


Upload Up High Quality (PNG Preferred) Images For Us To Make Stickers From ( Example: Logo, Staff Portrait, Product Photo, etc.)

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Thank you! Our design team is processing your order and will be in touch as soon as possible.

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