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Your Idea Broker

Looking for inspiration to connect the dots? Step into a THINK TANK with our "Idea Broker" Creative Director, Jennifer Marie, and see where you can grow.

Open for Business


You've come to a wall in your business growth where you know you want to do something... it's like you have the puzzle pieces on the table, but you don't have the overall picture to be able to put it together. Writers call it writers block... CEOs have an idea  block. Ideas and fresh perspectives can lead to a breakthrough. 

Hop into the THINK TANK. It's a protected, safe space to GROW your idea and feel supported with backed-up strategies, success stories, resources, mentors, and even services if you need them. 

Let it flow...

Scheduling a consultation with Jennifer, the Creative Director from Your Marketing Team at Facets of Hospitality starts your journey in the THINK TANK. By booking regular sessions with Jennifer, you gain the advantage of her expertise, insights, and creative vision. She will serve as an invaluable resource, helping you expand your ideas and overcome the innovative or functional obstacles you face.

Jennifer's comprehensive knowledge and experience in the hospitality and spa industry make her an ideal partner in crafting and executing strategies to generate momentum and foster continuous growth in your business. That's why she is our Idea Broker. 

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Facets of Inspiration TV

Advertise your busines or find some inspiration to grow it... Our multi-faceted streaming channel has a wide audience from various industries that make it a great launch pad for education, workshops, and sales offers, while providing an SEO push, AD Share & Networking. 

Let us scale your business

Jennifer Marie is a skilled Idea Broker and Creative Director of Operations at Facets of Hospitality, offering strategy sessions & and spearheading solutions to connect business owners to success. 

Would you like to work with the clients who jive with you about the services you love to offer, but when they need more-- be able to say, "Yes, my team handles that." We can be  YOUR MARKETING TEAM and will white label our services for your corporation or marketing agency. 

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