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What's your Esthetician Story? Esthetician Marketing Tip Series

Updated: Feb 12

You started into the skincare industry at some point... what's your origin story?

Have you shared it, or elements of it, on your social media and website? What about in an email blast for Follower Friday?

Esthetician Marketing Tip Series

Telling this in elements of your brand presence can entice your community to find you and resonate with your story. If knowing what you do isn't what the community thinks about when they see you-- you're missing out on local marketing.

You've seen those "New Followers, let me introduce myself posts," and they serve a very good purpose.

Esthetician Marketing starts with telling your Esthetician Story

When you're scrolling on Instagram, they show you certain posts, not everything... your audience might not ever come back to your page and read your profile unless you tell them to. Unless you invite them to. Unless you ask them to.

How do you invite them to want to know more?

Give your followers and new potential customers the courtesy of offering the solutions they are looking for in an easy-to-find way. Have your story and what you can do listed. Have your story shared within your posts. Have your story be a part of your brand.


To tell your story as an esthetician professionally and effectively, incorporating key elements can help you connect with your audience, whether they are potential clients, employers, or colleagues in the beauty industry. Here are five essential elements to include in your storytelling:

  1. Background and Education: Start with your journey into the world of esthetics. This can include what inspired you to become an esthetician, your educational background, and any certifications or special training you have received. Highlighting your dedication to learning and professional development can build credibility and show your commitment to the field.

  2. Specializations and Expertise: Detail your areas of specialization or expertise within esthetics. Whether you're particularly skilled in skincare treatments, facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or any other specific service, sharing this information helps to set you apart from others in your field. It also allows potential clients to understand what unique services you offer.

  3. Professional Philosophy and Approach: Share your professional philosophy and how it influences your approach to esthetic treatments. This could involve your commitment to using certain types of products (e.g., organic, cruelty-free), your belief in a holistic approach to skincare, or how you customize treatments for each client's unique needs. Your philosophy can resonate with like-minded clients and colleagues, creating a deeper connection.

  4. Success Stories and Testimonials: Incorporate stories of how you've helped clients achieve their skincare goals. Success stories and testimonials are powerful tools that provide real-life examples of your expertise and the positive impact of your work. They can help build trust with potential clients by showcasing your abilities and the satisfaction of those you've served.

  5. Continued Learning and Future Goals: Finally, share your commitment to ongoing education and your goals for the future. The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and demonstrating your enthusiasm for staying up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and techniques can assure clients and colleagues of your dedication to excellence. Discussing your goals can inspire others and show your passion for your profession.

By weaving these elements into your story, you can create a compelling narrative highlighting your journey, expertise, and dedication as an esthetician. This approach not only enhances your professional image but also helps in building meaningful connections with your audience.

Facets of Hospitality is Your Marketing Team

To get help setting up your web presence to reflect you and your business as more of a story to tell your future customers... Let's Talk! SCHEDULE A FREE THINK TANK with Your Marketing Team.

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