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Taking Content Just Got Easier

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Capturing the perfect content for YOUR MARKETING TEAM just got so much easier.

Want to take a video or photo of something but you're the one doing the something so you can't also take the content? Our newest solution that we've found for you is the PIVO!

A Face and Body Auto Tracking Tripod for your phone -- This makes doing that content TO DO list that Jennifer told you about all that much more possible and hands-free!

Face & Body Auto Tracking makes it easy for you to capture those special moments without having to worry about getting everything lined up perfectly first—just point your phone at the person or thing you want to take a picture of, tap the button once (or twice), and watch as Face & Body Auto Tracking does all of the work for you. Then upload your content to your account manager from YOUR MARKETING TEAM and boom--- you're done!

Use our special code to save 10% off and we may get a little kickback (affiliate commission) as well! Thank you for supporting us while we support you.


Now... about that list of content ideas. What is your excuse now?

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