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What the heck is a DIGITAL STICKER?

If you've ever been posting (or watching) a story on Instagram and wondered how those companies get their logos in the GIF store to use by everyone... The answer is... They probably asked us!

No seriously... There are a TON of stickers in the GIPHY store that we have created for our client's brands and we don't often shout it from the rooftops because ... that's their job!

But we want to shout out how AWESOME it is for us to create you a custom package of stickers and help you get them approved into the GIF store for use and then see a STAT Report showing 50K views in ONE WEEK.

BRANDING at it's BEST my friends.

Are you in...? Do you want some stickers? I know you want some stickers.... Talk to your account manager at Facets of Hospitality today or submit an order form here...

Happy Branding!


Your Marketing Team at Facets of Hospitality

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